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Engl is a German amplifier company. Established in 1983.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 1983, the ENGL name has represented the finest in tube amplifier technology, sound and design. Who would have known the original ideas and vision born in a basement in Germany would be realized and become one of the most successful brands in the amplifier business? 

At the 1984 Frankfurt MusikMesse, ENGL introduced the first ever programmable tube amplifier to the public. This achievement earned a tremendous amount of attention and praise from guitarists and industry professional around the world. Since then, ENGL has continued to devote its energy to the innovation and development of the highest quality amplification for the most demanding musician.

Due to ENGL’s wide variety of products, it is assured every artist will find what they are looking for to suit their musical style. Whether you are searching for a combo that lets you express original style or a head to emulate the characteristic tones of one your guitar heros (such as our “signature artists” Steve Morse or Ritchie Blackmore), ENGL has the product for you.

Many of the world’s top artists have made the move to ENGL amplifiers embracing the family atmosphere and first class service. The versatility and durability of ENGL amplifiers is relied upon by classic rockers like Deep Purple, Guns N’ Roses & Thin Lizzy; heavy metal monsters including Shadows Fall, Judas Priest, Children of Bodom & Godsmack; and virtuoso family members Marty Friedman, Jeff Loomis, Steve Morse, Chris Impellitteri & Vinnie Moore.

ENGL will continue to stand for unsurpassed innovation, useful design and professional quality in tube amplifiers. 


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