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The amps are that revolutionary. The amps sound that good. ZT.

From the orchestra pits of Broadway and Vegas to the arenas of Tokyo and London, from downtown clubs to uptown studios, there is a name you will see everywhere. It’s a name that is synonymous with excellence in compact amplification: ZT. Amps so powerful, so small, so excellent, that no musician wants to live without one.

Established in Berkeley, California in 2008 by a team of legendary engineers, musicians and business people, ZT Amplifiers, Inc. constantly strives to develop and apply acoustical and electronics technology that is both edge of the art and respectful of the classics. Our strategy of honoring the tone and feel of the best vintage amps while using entirely new engineering techniques has allowed us to leapfrog the competition and set the standards for size, power, tone and playability. That’s why many of the biggest acts in the business put down their own money to get ZT into their studios and touring rigs.


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